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Small Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Posted on by Beulah Shaw

Mod Mirrors

This busy background requires nothing more than just two easy mirrors positioned above the sinks.

Gilded and Gorgeous

A little bit of shimmer retains this beachy bathroom fun.

Hang It

Technically, most mirrors are hung on the wall. Suspending the mirror by cable or a visible rope is a terrific way to add an element of interest. You can choose from a number of substances to hang the mirror, such as thick rope to create a motif or wire for a industrial vibe be sure it is secure.

Double It

Create a look that is twice as magnificent by duplicating the design two (or even three) times. This is done over sinks, but mirrors could be used over a long single-sink vanity as an alternative to one mirror that is large.

Illuminate It

A simple mirror can get a glamorous update with the addition of backlighting. You can purchase mirrors with lighting that are built-in, or add them yourself to the mirror of your choosing. Illuminated mirrors are perfect for applying cosmetics and seeing your own face in a comprehensive (but flattering) way. They're great for bathrooms with low light. Be sure that your lighting is soft, not harsh or fluorescent.

It Takes Two

Matching mirrors are not only for his-and-hers installations. In this toilet, a vanity with a sink that was single is given two mirrors.

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