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Ideas For Bathroom Storage

Posted on by Beulah Shaw

Framed Just Like a Family Photo

Attaching shelves to an old picture frame creates a sort of shadow box for storing toiletries or displaying decorative things for simple viewing, best ideas to shower glass & doors company in Toronto.

Papa Was a Rolling Towel

A wine rack mounted on the wall becomes a fashionable towel rack, ideal for showing beautiful towels.

The Hierarchy of (Toilet) Needs

Ladder shelves not only look decorative, but they also serve as areas to store linens and towels. Wire baskets that are lined keep it clean and secure while adding a appeal that is modern.

Now You See Me, Now You Do Not

Thick boxes create spacious and unusual storage in the space over the bathroom. Not only can they provide storage in a small bathroom, these functional box shelves also give an artistic quality.

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